Eco Sustainable Clothing Now In The Region With Zaks Uniforms

Education Journal Middle East / January 2017


David Luke marks milestone with production of one millionth eco-blazer.

David Luke reached a significant milestone during 2016 with the production of our one millionth Eco-blazer. We see this as a true reflection of how schools, parents and children have embraced the eco concept,and wearing uniform that is made from recycled bottles is now an integral part of being environmentally friendly.

The production of our ‘one millionth’ Eco-blazer has resulted in 16 millionfewer plastic bottles from ending up in landfill, since the Eco-blazer’s conception in 2012, which is fantastic news for our ecosystems and sustainability.

Of course the Eco-blazer is just one part of the wider David Luke Eco-uniform that is available to schools. In recent years, our Eco range has expanded to include trousers, skirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts, each item comprising, in varying amounts, fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

It is this commitment to our eco credentials which has led to our four year long relationship with Eco-Schools England. As we enter our fifth year of a relationship, with them, we will continue to collaborate and support them in engaging with the 49,000 world wide schools involved with Eco-Schools.

All of this cements our position and reputation as being the number one supplier in our trade for the Eco-uniform and it is that success which has allowed us to build relationships and supply some of the most prestigious schools in both the UK and internationally. Charterhouse, Harrow School and Eton College are among the many top independent schools that wear our eco uniforms.

From an international stand point we are leading suppliers to many International schools in Northern Italy and to the Middle East. Our partner in the UAE, Zaks Schoolwear, has enabled the brand of David Luke to be exposed to many schools, all of whom are proud to be associated with a British company with such strong ethics and environmental responsibility.



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