Zaks Uniforms Featured In Educational Journal Middle East

Education Journal Middle East / September 2015


Zaks Uniforms supplies to more than 120 schools in the GCC. Due to an increased nature of premium schools in the region, there has been an increased demand for team and PE kits.

Due to this increased demand in the GCC for international branded team kits, Zaks partnered with GForce.

This successful venture in the region has helped several schools revamp and upgrade their PE and sports kit, introducing new technologies and fibres through their garments to help.

Zaks partnered up with GForce (UK), in 2014 to supply their Team Kits. In the last 16 months, Gforce has become a leading name for team kits in the region, supplying to more than 12 schools in the region, such as Nord Anglia (UAE), Brighton College, and Swiss International Scientific School to name a few.

Several schools today want to adopt an active lifestyle approach towards uniforms, thereby moving away from the conventional uniform look to a more functional garment.

As schools have understood that technology in fabric has evolved to offer a more versatile garment, there has been a push towards adopting more functional fibres in uniforms, team and PE kits.



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