Zaks Offers Full Range Of Graduation Gown And Regalia From Harrows

Education Journal Middle East / April 2016


Full range of customisable caps, gowns, and more now available at GCC stores.

The full range of traditional graduation wear from Harrows is now available at Zaks Uniform stores in the GCC. The range includes caps and gowns, academic regalia, codes, college stoles, class rings, tams, and more.

Harrows also offers school crest embroidery, name and year embroidery, and initials and lettering on all graduation items except headwear.

According to Zaks, the increase in the number of nurseries, schools, and universities in the GCC has led to an “overwhelming demand for graduation gowns and accessories”.

Nurseries and schools offering international curriculum options tend to have several stages at which children graduate – from nursery to elementary school, from middle school to high school, and eventually universities, which creates demand for graduation wear for students aged three to 18. “This system of graduations opens up a large demand for the graduation garment and accessory market”, explains Zaks Uniforms operations director Zaid Ali.

“One of our fastest selling items are our graduation caps, which tend to become a memento and have been a part of a tradition of throwing in the air at the end of the ceremony which has a relatively recent genesis. The first known instance of this was in 1912 at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

“We pride ourselves on maintaining our strong values, personal customer service practices and extraordinary products. We understand that graduation is an extremely time sensitive and memorable event and with that understanding we guarantee to never miss a date,” he adds. Full range of customisable caps, gowns, and more now available at GCC stores.



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