• Visit The Custom Shop Store at your convenient location.

  • Choose your desired school and Uniform from the digital screen.

  • Try on the sample size.

  • Enter your home address and make payment for your selected Uniforms through cash or card through the interactive screens.

  • Get home delivery at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the order centre work?

The Store has a size range of all generic uniforms for the child to try on, once you are sure of the size you place your order on the touchscreen device and the staff at the store will be available to assist you with it.

Where are your Order Centres?

The Souk at Arabian Ranches

Community at Arabian Ranches.

Abu Dhabi Mall

Al Wahda Mall

How do I know what is my School uniform ?

The Store has a list of all uniforms available for your reference.

Where do I pick up my uniforms?

The uniform will be delivered to your home or office address and no additional charges.

Can I place a Made to Measure order and what if I need alterations?

If your child does not fit in the sizes available you will need to visit one of the ZAKS stores for it and alterations can be done in the Custom shop but with an additional fee.

How long will it take?

5-7 working days for home deliveries. T&C’s apply.

Will ZAKS still have stock of the uniforms?

ZAKS will house the school uniforms round the year, this partnership with Custom Shop is to add more convenience and accessibility to your shopping experience.

How to pay?

Cash and card payments are available at the order centre.

The Custom Shop takes no responsibility for ZAKS order center