Performance Fabric

Functionality – ZAKS Sportswear

Zaks exceptional league of high quality technical fabrics have been expertly engineered to meet the specific needs of kids & adults, who demand apparel with the highest level of functionality, comfort and durability, combined with cutting edge designs.
The Polo T-shirt’s provided by Zaks has an in-built Quick Dry feature with a superb ‘Moisture Management System’ making it our most popular choice for performance and leisure fabric for the hot climates. It is economically prices which enables various schools to benefit from its comfort hand-feel & functionality.

Moisture Management system

The high module extension fabric works in harmony with the body during periods of exertion offering no restriction to your movements therefore improving performance and helping Super – Dry and comfortable at all times.

The knit structure of the new polo t-shirts has a soft and light hand feel along with the wicking capabilities its provides increased performance for multi sports play and outstanding comfort for leisure apparel.

The fabric structure enables the tensile strength of the fabric to withstand several rigorous washing cycles keeping quality of the garment intact & remain durable for a long period of time.


Note: All above fabric’s are presently stocked with ZAKS.