Zaks Uniforms Eyes Regional Expansion

Education Journal Middle East / May 2016


Three new retail outlets and African expansion on the cards for uniform supplier

UAE-based Zaks Uniforms, a subsidiary of Zaki Design Group, has set its sights on further expansion in the Middle East, spurred by growth in the region’s education sector.

Zaks Uniforms operations director Zaid Ali said: “Zaks growth trajectory has been in tandem to the education sector in the GCC. With the new government initiatives in the GCC, the recent budget allocations and government spending in the education sector has been enormous.

“The recent changes within the UAE of privatising several public schools has resulted in an increased growth of private schools within the country. The advent of several branded schools opening up in the GCC has also given rise to many international suppliers to create supply chains in the market to work with these branded institutions.”

Zaks Uniforms currently has operations in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Turkey, with the company now mulling expansion in Africa.

“The economic climate within several African nations has recently been improving with concentration on the education sectors. We have received several inquiries for setting up base and we have partnered up with a few schools to commence operations for the 2016/17 academic year,” Ali said.

Additionally, Zaks Uniforms will continue to expand its product line through partnerships with international companies. Zaks will also open three new retail outlets across the GCC over the next 16 months.

“We hope to keep up with this growth momentum and intend to introduce new product lines specific to the education sectors offering our customers a wider range of items to choose from,” Ali stated.



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