Get your precise size with ZAKS VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM and shop hassel free.

Download the App, follow our quick and easy process (it’s a one-time process that takes just a few minutes), and instantly know your recommended size for every item.


Step 1: Download the App “MySizeID – Select Measure Your Fit” on your phone.

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the video and use the app on your phone to measure yourself.

Step 3: Search for “ZAKS Uniform” in the search bar.

Step 4: Discover which sizes will fit you perfectly!


* It’s on your phone, so it’s with you at all times.

* Measure yourself once and save your data and then you can see your recommended size on the ZAKS online store via the App.

* Your measurements are taken using a unique, patented algorithm that uses your phone’s sensors. It doesn’t use cameras or estimate your size based on images (so don’t worry about sending in photographs).

*Save time and shop conveniently from anywhere, any time.

Watch Measurement Videos Below

Chest Depth Measurement

Chest Width Measurement

Hips Width Measurement

Arm Measurement

Note: The size chart and app featured on Zaks eCommerce are intended to be a guide only, and while we do our best to ensure all our sizing is consistent, you may find that some sizes may not be accurate as per your body type. We highly recommend that fitting be done in our nearest outlet to know your exact size.